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Mother of three, wife of one, guide leader, knitter, scrap booker, cake maker, reader, and more.

Photo Friday – Old

The Photo Friday challenge for Friday 17th August is old. I’m about an hour late (UK time) but it’s still the 17th August for most of America so I’m posting it! This is a fossil ammonite on the beach at … Continue reading

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D is for Didcot

Didcot is a small town in South Oxfordshire and is the place I grew up and lived for the first 23 years of my life. The town and it’s people and places shaped my life and made me the person … Continue reading

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C is for….

I’ve had real difficulty pinning down a topic for C, there are so many things it could be – Chickens (I’m preparing for their arrival next week)  Chocolate   (I am seriously addicted) Crochet (which I’ve finally mastered after years … Continue reading

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B is for……

Books! Whilst making a cup of tea this morning and talking with J we were running through the various things that B could stand for in my life…it’s the first letter of our surname but as that’s my married name … Continue reading

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A is for…..

In a bid to make me blog every day I’m picking up this meme from <a href=””>BellaDia </a>to make an “Encyclopedia of Me”. Every day I post something about me based on the next letter of the alphabet so here … Continue reading

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Tonight I was not knitting I was….

……watching George Michael live at Wembley! And it was Amazing, George was Fantastic, the show was Flawless and he took us all to the Edge of Heaven (ok I’ll stop with the George Michael song titles now). I’ve seen George … Continue reading

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Today I was Not Knitting I was….

…trying to do my bit to save the planet. This week several things have happened that have just served to highlight an issue that has been concerning me for quite some time, the issue of over-packaging. I am a concerned … Continue reading

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…yes I do other things apart from knitting

I’ve been writing my knitting blog, Wendys Woolies, for over a year now and as I’ve got more involved in blogging I’ve come to realise that there are things I want to talk about that aren’t knitting. So, this is … Continue reading

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