I have not written a blog for since about 2010 but over the years I’ve written a few; one about my knitting as wendyswoolies, this one about things I do when I’m not knitting and then, after I became a mum, I wrote at https://chickenchildrearing.wordpress.com/ about all sorts of things in my life. I’m resurrecting this blog to document my struggle with running a household of five whilst attempting not to destroy the planet. My challenge this year is to eliminate single use plastic from the life of myself and my family.

I’m still calling it ‘Not Knitting’ as I will probably post about other sustainable topics such as crafting, home baking etc but I can’t guarantee that it will be totally knitting free!

When I’m ‘not knitting’ I’m either working as a school secretary, standing on a rugby or football touchline somewhere in Southern England supporting one of my daughters, baking, reading or spending some time with friends. I am passionate about the environment and really wish I could do more to lessen my impact on it. I live with my husband, our three daughters, two cats, a hamster and some fish.

Expect me to write about any and all of these subjects in the future and I hope that some of the things I have to say will be of interest to other people but anyway, here they are! Enjoy or not, and whether you agree with me or not please leave me a comment to tell me.


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